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Family Tree Magazine is offering a free download of their ebook on how to clean up and organize your genealogy research.

Click the link to connect you to their page and enter your email address. Then your free download is yours!

If that link doesn’t work this is an alternative:

It’s what we have all been waiting for…! “Who Do You Think you Are” is returning for a new season beginning this Wednesday July 23 at 9PM on the TLC Channel (please check your local area listings). 
Very very excited for this new season. Now all we have to wait for next is “Finding Your Roots” heehee.
The Throne Clones. Interesting article from the Daily Mail about the Royal gene pool. Look-alike royals in side by side photos. 

Link to article: has launched two new apps for your mobile needs. Since we all need our family trees on-the-go, this is very exciting news.  

The first new app is Family Search Tree, which is available for free download, works with and allows the user to visit their trees.

The second is Family Search Memories. This app allows the user to record and preserve family memories and stories.

Announced on the FamilySearch blog at:



The Queen’s Guard plays the Game of Thrones theme

What a combination: Palace Guards at Buckingham Palace and Game of Thrones !

Matrimonios 1855, parte 4


Genealogical Information - Catholic Church Records

Sagrada Mitra de Guadalajara

Marriage Dispensations in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

former Province of New Galicia / Nueva Galicia in the Spanish Colonies

Family History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah, US

source film: 168457

images: 001-698

Church records indexed in Jalisco, MX


Cool video about the Game of Thrones “conspiracy theory” or prediction or what-have-you, regarding Jon Snow and his true heritage. Just WHO is his biological mother ??
This video puts together theories and a sort of family tree for these GoT characters.
Just as with any article or video regarding Game of Thrones, be warned of Spoilers !! That is my warning.


"The Brick People", a movie about the Mexican immigrants who lived and worked at the Simons Brickyard in Los Angeles, CA. This is available for rental or for download at the website below. This was an important part of California and immigrant history. 

There is also a personal level of interest for me, as my great grandfather was one of the workers at Simons. So I am very interested in this film. 

I will be definitely looking into this film.